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“Ms. Miriam Schmidt has always translated our texts with a lot of dedication and perfection, and to our utmost satisfaction. Even though our wording tends to be very “flowery” at times, she managed in her translations to reproduce our texts truthfully and emotionally accentuated. We are already looking forward to continue designing our brochures, newsletters and international correspondence together with her.”

Alke Karwelies, Owner & Managing Director, alkita GmbH, Aachen


„The cooperation with Ms. Schmidt was positive to the core. Thanks to her commitment, we were able to keep the tight deadline for the completion of our website. Last-minute changes were implemented immediately and according to our ideas. We would love to have her on board again for our next project.”

Andreas Dörr, Owner & Managing Director, Vedamar - Ayurveda und Yoga Farm
(, Mallorca


"In the past, Ms. Miriam Schmidt has particularly translated contracts, calls for tenders and correspondence between our company D&S and our partners or contractors, respectively. Despite of sometimes very short deadlines (less than 24 hours), she always performed to our utmost satisfaction. In the future, we look forward to keep working with Ms. Schmidt in the same successful and professional way as before."

Wilhelm Schmidt, Managing Director, Diringer & Scheidel Rohrsanierung
GmbH & Co. KG, Mannheim


"The cooperation with Ms. Schmidt was a very pleasant and professional one. Besides the perfect translation of a very extensive agreement and the creation of a customized glossary, we would also like to thank her for her active support in our day-to-day business."

Christina Kersten, Managing Director, Klima-Bau Volk GmbH & Co. KG, Wetzlar


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