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Translations in the areas of:
- Construction business (architecture, civil and structural engineering, sewer cleaning and rehabilitation, road construction)
- Contracts/tenders
- Business correspondence/websites
- Official documents (certificates/evaluations/letters of recommendation, birth certificates, official notifications of all kinds etc.)
-Banking and Finances

Proofreading of translations, websites, final theses, master theses etc.


Price list

Translation E>D / D>E
€ 1.60 – € 3.50 per line (55 characters incl. spaces)

Price per line is determined on the basis of the difficulty of the text and dead line
(rush jobs, weekend and holiday extra charge)


Proofreading D / E / Formatting
70.00 € / hour

Minimum charge 70.00 €


Development of a glossary tailored to your company
                                           250.00 € (one-off charge)  

Terminology maintenance (within the glossary)
70.00 € / hour


Certification of official documents
Surcharge of 10% of the applicable price per line

All above-mentioned prices are net prices, statutory VAT will be added.
Possible courier charges will be priced separately.
Upon request, I will provide you with a written cost estimate for each individual order.